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CCP-3100 Chart Projector

CCP-3100 Chart Projector


CCP-3100  Chart Projector






1.High Quality Charts
    Clear and Fast !
    The CCP-3100 has high resolution power of line,
     50lines/mm, so provides neat and clean graphics and a fast
    chart changing speed marking it easy for operators to use
    and comfortable for customers.
2.Wide range of features
    Various and Perfect !
    The CCP-3100 with 41 charts including Red/Green and
    Polarizing filters are the new solution for Binocular balance
    test, Stereo test, Aniseikonia test, Fusion test.
3.The best networking
    Easy and Convenient !
    Any refraction system including the Huvitz CDR-3100 can
     incorporates CCP-3100 to provide fast and efficient vision
    With world wide adaptive charts of the CCP-3100, You can choose any test you want.