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TOPCON Slit Lamp SL-D7

TOPCON Slit Lamp SL-D7


TOPCON Slit Lamp SL-D7


Key Features


Five magnifications: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

Six filters

Oblique illumination

Optional DC-3 & DV-3 digital camera

Optional SL-SCAN-1, slitlamp based OCT

Optional FD-21 flash device

Optimal clarity, colour resolution and depth-of-field

Compact and easy to use        

Type Galilean magnification changer with converging binocular tubes
Magnification selection 5 steps, by drum rotation
Eyepiece 12.5X
Magnification ratio (field of view) 6x (35,1mm)
  10x (22,5mm)
  16x (14,1mm)
  25x (8,8mm)
  40x (5,6mm)
Slit width Continuous from 14mm to 0mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle)
Slit length Continuous from 14mm to 1mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle)
Slit angle 0 to 180 degree with horizontal scanning capability
Filters Blue, Red-free, Amber
  UV Cut (normal use), IR Cut (normal use)
  ND (13% transmission) Heat insulation
  Exciter / Barrier (factory option)
Illumination lamp 12V, 30W halogen lamp
Longitudinal movement 90mm
Lateral movement 100mm
Fine base movement 15mm
Vertical movement 30mm
Chinrest vertical movement 80mm
Chinrest fixation target Red-LED or White-Bulb
Power input (primary) 100-120V, 220-240V AC
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption 106VA
Table 550mm x 399mm x 760-790mm
Unit table 440mm x 399mm x 760-790mm
Table and chinrest 329mm x 306mm x 652-682mm
Table 19 kg
Unit Table 18 kg
Table and chinrest 11,5 kg


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